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If you wanted to go for a thrilling and chilling trip, then Megamalai is the one you should find the top place on your list. Located amidst the lush mountains of Theni district, the place embraces a pleasant climate throughout the year. If you are a trek head or if you are looking for a good weekend trip with your pals, then Megamalai will never fail to amuse you.
Why Megamalai? This location is said to be the best one because it holds a pleasant climate, a compact place, easy to commute, has a lot of best resorts and stay places, has most spiritualistic spots, got breath-taking viewpoints and the best place for travel lovers.

Things to do in Megamalai Jaw-dropping viewpoints For the most trekking heads, Megamalai serves the best with its mind-blowing viewpoints. In that case, mountain points like Megamalai viewpoint, Vattaparai, Kottai Malai, Maharaja Mettu and other points are some of the picturesque places here. The trek lovers can just trek along the jungles, steep rocks, muddy plains, and small falls to reach these viewpoints.Among them, Sathuragiri hills are one of the notable places. Originally named from Chathur Veda Giri, where all four Vedas are said to have met and formed the hill, the mountain is square in shape.

Enjoy the falls The place is surrounded by a good number of falls. Suruli falls is the famous falls in the locality that draws a huge number of tourists. If visiting during the peak season, one can enjoy the falls to the fullest. There is also another falls in this locality named, Chinna Suruli which is also fondly-visited by the tourists and locals as well.

Spiritual spot The area is surrounded by a good number of the temple. The Suruliappar temple and the Kodi Lingam temple in this region is considered highly spiritual. Locals celebrate several festivals here in a grand manner.For the family trips, the place also has dams like Shanmuganathi dam, Pilavakkal dam, and other such places will be the best.

Stay in Megamalai Choosing the best resorts in megamalai is not an easy task. Since the place is not well-connected with roads, you must choose a place from where you can commute easily to the town. At the same time, enjoying the views is also an important aspect. So one has to be wise when it comes to choosing rooms in Megamalai. Pepy Rooms, the top accommodation company here at Megamalai provides you the cozy stay at an affordable rate. The resorts in Megamalai by Pepy Rooms serves people of all groups like family trips, friends or couple visit. The company also provides cottages in Megamalai that paves way for you to experience a unique and wonderful stay. Other than this, there are also homestays in Megamalai. You can opt for own cooking and avail several services to make your stay an unforgettable one. The room booking procedures in megamalai resorts is made easy with Pepy Rooms. The 24 hours based customer service is available always to help their customers. One can just visit the site, ring up and book rooms within a minute with Pepy Rooms. Your stay in Megamalai will be made awesome by Pepy Rooms with their round the clock services. If you are someone who is looking forward to a thrilling experience in stay, you can opt for Megamalai forest guest house. These are widely opted by couples and young travelers.


What is the ideal season to visit Megamalai?

The best time to visit Megamalai is between May and December. Although the climate is moderate throughout the year, this period is called the peak season.

What are the things to do in Megamalai?

Megamalai is the best place for nature lovers. If you love falls, then Megamalai will be the best place for you. You can get drenched at falls as Suruli falls, Chinna Suruli falls and many other small falls. Apart from this, those who like to explore more of unseen places of Megamalai can trek alongside the hills to reach the viewpoints like Megamalai viewpoint, Vattaparai and more.

What is the best food that you can eat in Megamalai?

There are some of restaurants that food are present in Megamalai. One can also get fresh and pure honey in the locality. Also, the traditional mess alongside the dams is also famous here.

What is the price range of resorts in Megamalai?

The rooms can be booked according to one’s budget here. One of the best local accommodation Pepy rooms provides the rooms at a reasonable price to luxurious resorts with value-added services. Rooms can be booked from Rs 600 onwards.

How many days will it take to explore Megamalai?

Megamalai can be well-explored in two days.

What is Megamalai best-known for?

Megamalai is famous for its viewpoints like Megamalai viewpoint, Highwavys Dam, Highwavys Lake, Manalar Dam, Manalar Waterfall, Vattaparai Falls, Venniyar Tea estateetc. Other than this, the climate prevailing in the locality is loved by the tourists.

How to book budget resorts in Megamalai?

You can search for the budget resorts in Megamalai. Visit one of the best local accommodations, Pepy rooms, for the best budget resorts and other attractive services.

Do we have couple-friendly resorts in Megamalai?

Yes. There are a lot of couple-friendly resorts in Megamalai.

Do the resorts in Megamalai have pool service?

No swimming pool resorts in megamalai only nature falls.

What are the famous waterfalls in Megamalai?

The Manalar Waterfall and Vattaparai Falls are famous waterfalls here

How can I reach Megamalai?

Megamalai can either be reached by jeep or bus from Theni which is the nearest town from this locality. The distance between Chennai and Megamalai is 550 km.