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About Yelagiri

If you are battling with a tough week and looking out for a relaxing weekend, then Yelagiri is where you must head to. The hill station located in the southwest of India is fondly called ‘mini Ooty’ because of its lush beauty. One cannot ask for a best two-day trip, other than visiting Yelagiri.

Why Yelagiri? Being one of the smallest hill stations with extraordinary viewpoints and tourist spots, Yelagiri is the best spot to have a chilling getaway. Also, the place is easy to reach by roadways and the commuting is not difficult. Adding to this, the best resorts and other such stays offered by Pepy rooms sums up all the reasons to visit Yelagiri.

Things to do in Yelagiri If you are taking a bike trip to Yelagiri, then a number of spots can be well explored. There are lakes, parks, peaks and falls that will enable your trip a happening one.
Soulful lakes There are two main lakes in Yelagiri. Among them, Poonganur Lake Park is popular among tourists. The place is surrounded by good resorts. In the evenings, people choose to take a relaxing walk from their hotels to the lake. Activities like boating are also done here. This would be the best spot for family trips also and the place is loved by people of all age groups. The second lake is Nilavoor Lake. This is located quite interior in a village called Nilavoor. This peaceful spot can be reached easily by bikes.

For the trek-heads If you are trek lover, the swami malai hills trek should be the first among your list. Cuddled by a peaceful village and steep trees, this moderately tough trekking place is the best place to visit in Yelagiri. The trek path is not so difficult. They are composed mostly of rocky steps and mud paths. However, once after climbing, one gets to see the breath-taking viewpoint and the trek are unapologetically worth the view.

Falls are never an off-season Who doesn’t love falls? Of course, every one of us does. In that case, Yelagiri has beautiful Jalagambarai falls. The steep falls sprinkle the water from the famous Attaru River in the most adorable way such that it makes the trekkers/travel lovers visit again and again. The Jalagambarai falls is located at the other side of the main Yelagiri hill station. People mostly prefer to trek to reach the falls. It is also located just 14 km away from Tiruppatur. Tourists also prefer staying in these locations due to their exceptionally beautiful views. The local accommodation company, Pepy rooms also provide the rooms in these areas and pave way for a comfortable stay.

Spiritual all the way A family trip always gets fulfilled by visiting spiritual spots. In that way, Yelagiri has a lot of temples. Among them, Jalagandeswarar temple is a famous one. The shrine is located at the center of Vellore Fort and withholds an interesting mythological story in it. The sculptures here holds the beautiful intricate works and never fails to astonish the visitors. Apart from this, a number of wedding ceremonies take place here as the locals consider this place as the most special one. Followed by this, the Velavan temple is also considered an auspicious place by the residents as well as the tourists. This temple is dedicated to Lord Murugan and is located right at the Yelagiri hills. The temple holds the right spiritual vibes as one can just sit over there and enjoy the view.

Other activities Other than this, the hill station offers other adventurous activities like paragliding, zip-lining and many more activities. The nature parks here are also main among the tourists' attraction here.

Where to stay? One has to very wise in choosing accommodation in places like Yelagiri. As the travel destination is becoming popular among people day today, the yelagiri resorts have become elite. So one has to be careful and search well before booking the resorts. As a first step, one has to choose the accommodation place that should suit all kinds of stays. Be it resorts in yelagiri, cottages in Yelagiri, hills resorts, resorts with multiple services – the accommodation company should be ready to provide it all. In that case, Pepy rooms serve all your needs. The rooms provided by the company gives you a cozy and comfortable feel that one can ask for. When searched for places to stay in Yelagiri, Pepy rooms are present in main areas, beautiful viewpoints, and other such places. They also provide resorts with swimming pool. There are also family resorts where they can enjoy a safe stay. The room booking procedure is also simple to us. For an elite stay, you can also book a guest house from them. All kinds of services like swimming pool, restaurants, wi-fi, parking, etc will be provided by them. Pepy rooms also provide cottages at an affordable price in Yelagiri that are just right for the stay with your friends and to make memories.


What will be the ideal season to visit Yelagiri?

The best time to visit Yelagiri would be between November to March.

What are the must-do things in Yelagiri?

If you are aiming at a peaceful visit, then never miss out the nature parks and lakes here. If you love trekking, then Swamimalai trekking is a must-visit. For spiritual lovers, the Jalagandeswarar temple and Velavan temple are never to be missed out. For an adventurous trip, go for activities like paragliding, zip-lining, etc. Adding to this, never miss getting drenched at Jalagambarai falls.

Where do we get the best food in Yelagiri?

If you are on a bike trip, then without second thoughts, you can explore the interior villages and choose some traditional mess here and try the local dishes.

How can I choose affordable resorts in Yelagiri?

Accommodation companies like Pepy rooms offer the best luxurious resorts at an affordable price range. The rooms can be booked from Rs 799. The elite resorts price range starts from Rs 1,300.

What are the must-visit places in Yelagiri?

Some of the important places for sightseeing includes Jalagamparai Falls, Nature park, Punganur Lake, Swami Malai Hills, Velavan Temple, Nilavoor Lake, Amirthi Zoological Waterfalls, Telescope Observatory, Government Herbal Farm, Jalagandeeswarar Templeand many more.

What are the things to buy in Yelagiri?

Though Yelagiri is not a full-pledged shopping place, one can get aromatic tea bags, fresh and pure honey, handmade jewelries , etc.

How to book affordable in Yelagiri?

You can google for the best resorts online. Accommodation companies like Pepy rooms provide room for a reasonable price.

Are there any couple-friendly resorts in Valparai?

Yes. There are a number of couple-friendly resorts in Valparai.

How can I reach Yelagiri?

Yelagiri is well-connected by roadways. From Chennai, one can take the Vellore route to reach Valparai.

How far is Yelagiri from Chennai?

Yelagiri is at a distance of 228 kms from Chennai.