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About Yercaud

If you are planning for a short but a thrilling trip, then Yercaud is never a bad choice. Fondly called as ‘Mini Kodaikanal’ Yercaud is the best lush getaway with breathtaking viewpoints, steep green trees on either side of the road, challenging trek points, falls and other attractions that suit family visits. Apart from these, the resorts here that offer a cozy stay are just mind-blowing.

Not To Be Missed In Yercaud
The top tourist places in Yercaud suits family trips, friends visit and solo adventures as well. There are a number of falls, dams, parks, etc. Falls such as Kiliyur Falls and Kallaru falls attract most of the tourists who visit here. The Kiliyur falls, located Shervaroyan hill range in the Eastern Ghats has got good medicinal value in it. However, one has to climb steep steps before heading to the falls. So, if your group has toddlers or elderly person, see if they walk past the trek. But, notwithstanding the tough path, if you reach the falls, all you will feel would be – ‘the view is worth the trek’. Added to this, the Varambadi falls is also loved by the tourists.

The Yercaud Lake located at the right-center of the location never fails to grab the attention of visitors. People mostly prefer to stay here because of the view and easy commutation. Accommodation companies like Pepy rooms provide an excellent stay in these locations. One can take a relaxing walk from the room alongside the lakes in the evenings.

When it comes to viewpoints, this place is no way less to other hill stations. In that way, the Pakoda viewpoint is one of the astonishing viewpoints. If you are commuting by bike, then this place is easy to reach and you don’t need to do huge hiking to reach the viewpoint. There is also a temple located near this viewpoint. This is one of the must-visit places, especially when you are on a family trip. Added to this, another spiritualistic destination would be the Rajarajeswari temple. Likewise, the Karadiyoor viewpoint, Tipperary viewpoint, and Manjakuttai viewpoint are also the places not to be missed. These will be the best places and they shouldn’t be missed.Another thrilling adventure would be traveling alongside the Shervaroy hills. The name that has emerged from the local deity, Servarayan is one of the major hill stations in the Eastern Ghats. One can enjoy the views of green mountains, coffee plantations and many more.

As mentioned before, the Servarayan temple is located at the top of the hills in a small cave. The point is so spiritualistic and also holds the best panoramic views. One of the main attractions for a family visit is parks and gardens. The rose garden here is one of the beautiful locations. During the peak season, different types and colors of roses bloom here in this garden. At this time, a number of visitors march towards this park. Along with this, the Botanical Garden and Genetic Heritage Garden are also popular places here.

Stay in Yercaud
More than the tourist spots, another main aspect of visiting Yercaud is to experience the pampered stay. The top accommodation companies in Yercaud like Pepy rooms provide the resorts in yercaud. They also provide resorts for the families that are designed for a cozy stay. The company’s resort is also present near the main junction, and Yercaud lake. For an elite stay, they also provide luxurious resorts in Yelagiri. These resorts hold various services to make the customer feel elite. Also, they are located in places with beautiful viewpoints. If you are on a friends’ trip, then you can book Yercaud cottages. The company provides the budget cottages in Yercaud.When you opt for homestays in Yercaud, a whole different experience is acquired. Pepy rooms will provide you with the best yercaud resorts. Be it a group stay or couple stay, Pepy rooms provide services for all.


What is the ideal season to visit Yercaud?

Yercaud is one of the few locations in Tamil Nadu where people can experience pleasant weather throughout the year. However, the ideal time to visit Yercaud would be between October and June.

What are the things to do in Yercaud?

If you are on a friends’ trip, you can simply rent bikes and explore the untouched places in Yercaud. If you are on a family visit, you can very well visit the beautiful parks, lakes, and falls. If you are a thrill lover, there are commercials that offer adventurous activities like zip-lining, paragliding, etc.

What are the food items we should try out in Yercaud?

If you travel the interior places in Yercaud, there are a number of a traditional mess that serves authentic dishes of the land. Since people grow the coffee plantation here, you can also get the fresh and aromatic coffee powder in this area. The honey you get here is also fresh and tasty.

Can I get affordable resorts in Yercaud?

Yes. Pepy rooms, the top accommodation company here in this locality, offers the best deals for its customers. You can opt for a comfy stay at a low cost. Be it a cottage or a resort, Pepy rooms provide the best stay experience. You can book rooms from just Rs 799. The luxury resort booking starts from just Rs 1,600.

What are the main places to visit in Yercaud?

There are a lot of places to cover in Yercaud. They are Killiyur Falls, Emerald Lake, Bear's Cave, Pagoda Point, Lady's Seat, Botanical Garden, Tipperary Viewpoint, Annamalaiyar Temple View Point, Anna Park, Karadiyur View Point, Shevaroy Temple, Silk Farm, Sri Chakra Mahameru Temple, Raja Rajeshwari Temple, Deer Park, and many more places.

How many days will I need to explore Yercaud?

Most of the places in Yercaud can be covered in two days.

What can I buy from Yercaud?

Though the location is not a purely commercial hub, one can buy beautiful handmade jewelry from the locals, fresh coffee powder, honey, homemade chocolates and many more.

How to book resorts in Yercaud at affordable price range?

You can surf the net for the best deals. Also, you can visit our site, Pepy rooms to seal the best deals for stays.

Are there any couple-friendly resorts in Yercaud?

Yes. There are many couple-friendly resorts in Yercaud. The accommodation company Pepy rooms offer the best couple-friendly stays and assure a safe environment.

Do the resorts in Yercaud offer pool facility?

Yes. Most of the resorts in Yercaud offers the swimming pool facility.

What are the famous falls in Yercaud?

The Kiliyur falls, Kallaru falls and Varambadi falls are some of the famous waterfalls in Yercaud.

Do the resorts in Yercaud have Wi-Fi facility?

Yes. Most stays in Yercaud offer a good wi-fi facility. Pepy rooms, the accommodation company in Yercaud not only offers the wi-fi facility but also provides spacious parking, 24/7 room service, rooms for all needs, pool facility and many more.

How can we reach Yercaud?

Yercaud is well-connected by roadways. It is located roughly at a distance of 350 to 380 km. Adventure lovers take bike trips to reach Yercaud from Chennai. Though the location is not connected directly by train, one can reach Salem and then hire a cab to reach Yercaud. The distance between Salem and Yercaud is 30 km.